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Truck Aerodynamic Evolution

Since the early 90s, it has become more and more popular to treat
aerodynamic inefficiency at the front part of the truck by installing
wind deflectors, round corners, mirror deflectors and skirts.

Over the last few years, there has been considerable effort to treat the
aft part of trucks in order to reduce fuel consumption by using shape
changes, simple add-on devices and steady state AFC methods;
but those have inherent limitations and can lead to only half the
expected benefit of the new suggested method.

Those technologies include:

  • Adjustable Inclination: Flat plates attached at the truck’s lee-side.
    These could reduce drag, but are rather large, heavy and expensive.
    Their size raises functionality and compatibility issues

  • Steady Blowing: Steady blowing was applied to a modified aft-region
    of a truck trailer and resulted in significant aerodynamic drag reduction
    , but at a marginal to zero -- or mostly negative energy efficiency

  • Periodic Excitation: Some preliminary efforts have been made in this
    direction that ultimately did not progress far
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