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AFC technology improves aerodynamic drag

Aerodynamic drag is the reason for more than two-thirds of the fuel
consumption of large trucks at highway speeds.
Due to considerations of function, the aerodynamic efficiency
of the aft-regions of large trucks was traditionally sacrificed.

Using a new patented "add-on" Active Flow Control (AFC) device
capable of altering the flow behavior, a drag reduction of 20-30%
could be reached -- making the potential fuel savings 7-10%.

There are around 5 million long-haul trucks worldwide, with an
average of above 120,000 km/year each, for a potential savings of
$20 billion USD a year

Main benefits of AFC technology:

Measurable fuel savings of 7-10% for heavy vehicles, and reduction
    of CO2 emissions

"Add-on" device that could fit existing and new vehicles
Only 15cm length extension and light in weight
Easy installation that takes less than an hour
Expected Return on Investment of one year


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